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A circular way of life

Smart mattress

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A circular way of life

Because of our circular and not end-of-life view, we treat our products a little different. During their life span, the beds and mattresses can be upgraded and modulated as much as you want, while keeping the materials reusable, sustainable and recyclable. At the end of its lifetime, every fragment of our award-winning bed remains valuable and can be repurposed.

Smart mattress

Thanks to our built-in sleep technology and mobile app, you will be able to monitor and enhance your sleep quality. Take a look at your personal sleep behaviour, share insights and tips with our members through our community and improve your siesta by bettering your bedding.

Modify your bed

Our assembly method makes it possible to customise and upgrade your bed even after purchase. This way you can effortlessly change the colour of your frame, the style of your headboard, the softness of your mattress and eventually also your accessories. These adjustments can be both aesthetical and functional.

Always comfortable

A life free of sleeping problems? That’s the dream, and soon reality. Up until 60 days after your purchase, you can change the comfort of your bed for free. If you need extra firm springs, we’ll swap them for new ones without having to replace the whole mattress. So when situations evolve, your bed can transform too.

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