The world’s first environmentally friendly sleeping system

vel_you is Veldeman Bedding’s latest flagship innovation. With minimal to none non-reusable parts, vel_you, also known as Velda Resleep, is among the company’s first steps towards a fully ecological and sustainable production line. vel_you won three major awards for its circularity, out of the box design, and its modern timeless look: The Henry van de Velde Award, the Interzum “Best of the Best”Award, and Balthazar’s Best of Belgium Award.

vel_you is the forerunner when it comes to circularity and renewability. It is designed using a number of materials that are of low risk to the environment and that can be easily fixed and reused. Not only that, no staples, glue, or foam is used in putting together these parts, whatsoever. The manufacturer, Veldeman Bedding, has provided an innovative solution to replace these using their own patented click systems, which caused staples, glue, and foam to be thrown off the basket. This choice of moving away from such non-recyclable materials to a more mechanical approach saved the environment a great deal of damage and the industrial resources a great deal more depletion.

All materials used in vel_you are fully recyclable which means more products will be made using the same amount of material. Also, the materials can be recycled and used in other applications, so nothing goes to waste with Veldeman Bedding. Re-upholstering vel_you, that is re-covering the product with a soft case, is a piece of cake, too, and can be done by the customer on the spot in no time. All of these eco-friendly characteristics made vel_you so unprecedented in its category and thus won it the three prestigious awards.

With vel_you and its unique design, Veldeman Bedding is now and will be able to produce circular products and drift away from linear production. Keep in mind that these do not mean a compromise to the quality of the product as Veldeman Bedding confirmed that the standard quality for its circular sleeping system is at least maintained.

Aesthetically, the design of vel_you is timeless and looks no less elegant than the other non-ecological sleeping systems. The level of comfort is also high and the pricing is comparable with other high end but non-recyclable sleeping systems.

All and all, vel_you is a high-quality product that does not wreak havoc on our environment and spares our natural resources. Let’s not forget the fact that it was honored three distinguished awards: The Henry van de Velde Award, the Interzum “Best of the Best”Award, and Balthazar’s Best of Belgium Award.

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